facility tours are available by appointment only, please call us to arrange a tour
* (+381 Serbia) (0)11/805-3993 number of the hotel
* 062/229-245 contact person is Ms. Ivana Jelenić-Ilić (ENGLISH)
* 060/666-5444, 064/118-0553 contact person is Mr. Miloš Jelenić
* 065/666-5444 contact person is Ms. Dragica Jelenić
* e-mail:


* we are located in a beautiful rural setting in Vrcin (near city Belgrade) about 25km of distance from the center of Belgrade, on highway E-75 called Belgrade-Nis, second turn on the right after passing through a payment station Bubanj potok. After the entrance into village, turn right and about 300-400m you will get to the store "Plavi". Turn left and you are in the street Milete Cerovca. After about 1,5km you are entering our street Godnjicka (driving straight ahead). We are on the right side, number 18 and we are waiting for you.