* you are billed for the first and the last day, regardless of the check-in and check-out time
* payment can be done in cash or ready money on our account 2-3 days in advance before of the check-in date (write in purpose for USLUGE) and please apply the receipt on the day of chech-in
* if your pet is staying less than planned time please inform us on time
* for longer period we can come to an agreement with numerous favorable prices for staying, also included if you have more than one pet staying at the same time
* if you are interested feel free to call and ask for the price, we are more than favorable, becouse it is very inappropriate to put rates on our web site
* all the pictures that you see on our site will be changed from time to time accordingly to the present appearence of the facility and its surroundings
* you can be informed daily about the status of your pet by phone, SMS or e-mail
* inner and outdoor facility is fully under constant camera monitoring
* for oftentime users we have special privileges
* for all questions and suggestions fell free to call, we will gladly oblige!