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"Životinjsko carstvo" DOO Belgrade

Hotel for dogs, cats, and other small house pets

Hotel "Životinjsko carstvo” is for:  dogs, cats, and other small house pets like rabbits, turtles, quinea pigs, birds,.. provides premium mental and physical care to your beloved ones, and above everything LOVE!

 Extensive attention in addition to safety, security and needs of your beloved ones , providing an a ideal resort to rest for your best friend. Your mind can be at ease and you can relax "guilt-free" knowing that your pet is having a fun vacation, too!!! 


Our unique features include:

  • facility is fully thermal and sound isolated, PVC doors and windows, heated and air-conditioned, under video surveillance
  • spacious, bright and comfor private inner suites fulfill needs of your beloved ones
  • every suite has its own secure outdoor place
  • securely fenced and spacious outdoor playground
  • completely family-owned and operated, we are here 0-24h for your pets
  • 24/7 vet supervision
  • pet transport, pet bathe,grooming (hair-cut)and much more,....

We devote attention, care and love to each pet, taking care of his/hers individual needs. Our greatest succes and pleasure is that their staying with us is like they are at their homes. 



Hotel for dogs, cats, and other small house pets