Cats, Small Pets

Hotel for cats and small pets


  • spacious indoor suites for cat, rabbit, turtle, guinea pig, bird etc
  • fully thermal and sound isolated, heated, PVC door and windows, part od facility (separated from dogs)
  • daily hygiene and cleaning
  • suden change in diet can cause gastric discomfort, for that reason owners are required to provide their pet's regulary food so that we can keep their daily food schedule 
  • particulary important for those who are on special diet food  (medical reasons)
  • if you have any special requests we are willing to accomplish them, cooking according to your instructions with previously brought fresh or frozen groceries or keeping already preparedfood in refrigerator or freezer
  • always checking your pets appetite and behavior, giving extra supplement if your pet has them (use them at home), provide enough amounts of food and supplements (more is better than less, we will return you the rest)
  • we provide services of taking bathe, grooming, and also giving advices of what's best for your animal needs and care but only if your animal is use to this kinds of activities
  • if your cat, rabbit, guinea pig, bird etc is friendly then his/her staying with us will pass in mutual satisfaction, but be aware that cat can be more arbitrary!!!
  • we accept cats in heat/pregnancy and kittens also, but you have to tell us how long is she in heat or pregnancy

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