Hotel for dogs


Your dog may enjoy company of other dogs, but we always take care of psychology and character of each one. Our facility and its entire surrounding is  accommodated to  your dogs needs, providing  a pleasant and a memorable stay here , becoming a part of our big family-  increasing with every new member.  

At the reception we have a talk  (with your agreement) what's the best for your dog. We contact with your vet ( if needed), but if you dont have one we can refer you where and to whom to turn. Hotel is owned-run by dvm (dr vet med),  place always under supervision and complete attention; also in the case of an emergency you can be carefree- that your dog is safe with us.

"Dogs are not our whole lives, but they make our lives whole." (Mr. Roger Caras)

And with every next arrival, they are more happier and satisfied- making friends and playing far out of the city (asphalt and concrete), scent of nature, being a bit wild and restless, without leash (not even on a picture) and much more uncomprehended to us- humans.

Their life is too short for all the love we receive from them, time we spend together. Respect and Love your dog, every day is a new day and use it the best  you can. They are our LOVE FOR ALL TIMES  and their trace is indelible....

  • spacious indoor suites, with its own secure outdoor place
  • fully air-conditioned and heated, under video surveillance
  • daily hygiene and cleaning
  • large securely fenced and spacious outdoor playground for mutual or individual play
  • for females in heat and puppies we have an isolated part of facility
  • Suden changes in your dogs diet can cause gastric discomfort, becouse of that owners are required to provide their dog's regulary  food so that we can keep their daily food schedule 
  • particulary important for dogs who are on special diet food(medical reasons)
  • if you have any special requests we are open to: cooking according to your instructions with previously brought fresh or frozen groceries or keeping already prepared  food in refrigerator or freezer 
  • always checking your pets appetite and behavior, giving extra supplement if your pet has them (use them at home), provide enough amounts of food and supplements (more is better than less, we will return you the rest)
  • we provide services of taking bathe, grooming-if needed and also giving advices of what's best for your dogs needs and care